The beauty of lab-grown diamonds

Diamonds have always been an exceptional stone. It is a precious stone full of symbols, mythical.

This stone has been dreaming for centuries; In ancient times, the Greco-Romans called it adamas: invincible, indestructible. It is of high purity, has a unique shine and an incomparable hardness (only another diamond can damage it).

lab-grown diamonds ring barcelona

LUM's transparency

In all transparency, we have chosen to use an ethical diamond, formed in the laboratory, respectful of people and nature.

The lab-grown diamonds are the alliance of the best of nature and science. It is a stone of unique beauty, which is not associated with human and environmental disasters caused by traditional diamond mining.

It is a new generation diamond, a diamond that reflects our time, of a new purity.

Without mining, without conflicts, without displacing wildlife, or communities, without contaminated waters.
Furthermore, high technology uses much less water to produce a diamond than the mining industry.

Lab-grown diamonds are chemically, optically, and physically identical to those that form naturally. Only differentiated for being a totally conflict-free diamond.
Essentially lab-grown diamonds are made up of carbon molecules that align in a certain way to form a diamond.

In nature, diamonds form in the earth’s mantle, with carbon molecules subjected to great pressure and great temperature that build the diamond for millions of years.

In lab-grown diamonds, crystal growth is completely natural, but it occurs in an environment controlled by scientists and machines that replicate the same scenario that is created in nature.

Carbon molecules are subjected to great pressure and great heat for a short period of time depending on the intended size allowing them to form and align in the proper molecular way.

Each lab-grown diamond is unique. The man recreates the necessary conditions for the formation of diamonds, then nature takes over.

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