Our commitments

We believe in a future in which the world will bring new values. Our aim is to give jewelry a bright future which grows and evolves ethically.

LUM intends to promote sustainable jewelry that questions, interrogates, and commits. Because jewelry is to beautify and not to exploit.

Our vision of jewelry is to promote a movement towards ethical and ecological progress, without depriving it of the poetry that surrounds it.

Through our jewelry we want to transmit a new heritage, so as to create jewelry whose meaning symbolizes a conscious world.

We hope that these pieces of jewelry are the beginning of a new reflection in which the luxury world is questioned.

joyas sostenibles barcelona
sustainable jewels barcelona

We believe that today’s jewelry should change the traditional system.

That is why we are trying to integrate into tradition the reflection of this new ethical vision. LUM is proud to have entered the Fairmined sector. This label guarantees the origin of ethical gold, extracted from mines which are in the process of transformation towards an eco-responsible progress, which we wish to be part of. Our conscious and transparent approach takes care of preserving the environment and craftsmanship.

We are committed to respecting people as well as preserving resources and nature. We are committed to sustainable development throughout our value chain as we want jewelry that reflects the future we want.
LUM was born out of the desire of imagining a new form of jewelry that combines an ethical commitment with the beauty and the pure lines of a luxuriously responsible piece of jewelry.

By offering you classic and minimalist pieces, we offer jewelry that will endure over time.

LUM in Mayan language means “Earth”, the planet we inhabit. The earth which carries and nourishes us, and that we should not forget to respect it as well as those who inhabit it.

Aurélie Doublet, LUM founder

LUM was born from a dream, where the world would be both beautiful and respectful.

This is how our ethical and sustainable jewelry was born, beautiful on the outside as well as on the inside.

What led me to create a sustainable jewelry brand is the deep desire to promote slower consumption and more responsible fashion.

It is important to me to offer timeless, minimalist, sustainable jewelry with pure lines and noble materials. The choice of Fairmined gold was necessary, as were the lab-grown diamonds. The most important thing for me is respect for human beings and nature. Offering you sustainable, ethical and beautiful jewels that you can wear with joy and pride is fundamental to me.

Beauty is essential to human beings. Adorning our body, embellishing it and asserting oneself with jewelry is an ancestral practice, present since the Paleolithic era.

Aurélie Doublet joyería ética y sostenible artesanía gracia oro diamante fairmined - lum barcelona
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