General conditions of sale

Trade name: LUM
Founder: Aurélie Doublet
Sant Cristòfol, 13
08012 – Barcelona, Spain

These General Conditions expressly regulate the relationships that arise between Aurélie Doublet (hereinafter “LUM”) and third parties (hereinafter “the Client”) who register as users and / or purchase products through the online store from the Aurélie Doublet official website (, hereinafter the “Online Store”), or from the physical store (hereinafter “the Boutique”).


1.1 Purpose: The GCS define the contractual relations between LUM and the Client. They are communicated to the Client during a purchase in the Boutique because they appear on the back of the order note or quotes of LUM or during a purchase on the Online Store, which the Client must read before validation of the order and payment in the Store and that, after validation of the order and payment in the Online Store, are sent by email. In addition, the GCS are permanently accessible on the website, and appear on the back of the invoices that are delivered on paper to the Clients when the product is delivered at the Boutique or after delivery.

1.2 Acceptance: during a purchase in the Boutique, the signature of the order or budget note or the purchase of a product followed by the delivery of the invoice implies the unreserved acceptance by the Client of the GCS. When buying on the Online Store, checking the box “I accept the GCS” before validation and payment of the order constitutes an unreserved acceptance by the Customer of the GCF. In this sense, the GCS will prevail over any other general or specific condition not expressly approved by LUM.

1.3 Modification: LUM reserves the right to modify these GCS whenever it deems it necessary. The version of the GCS applicable to a sale is the one that was accepted by the Client at the time of this sale, that is, the one that appears on the back of the order note or quote signed by the Client or on the invoice when a Purchase has been complete at the Boutique or one that has been validated by the Client before their purchase on the Online Store and that was then sent to them by email.


2.1 All LUM products are original creations made in Spain in an artisanal way. Given the artisan nature of the products, LUM cannot guarantee a rigorous identity between the product seen by the Client in the Boutique or in the Online Store and the delivered one, although LUM does everything possible to provide the greatest satisfaction to consumers.

2.2 It should also be noted that the computer equipment used by the Customer to view the products, in particular according to their configuration, may modify the color representation of the photos visible in the Online Store or sent by email by LUM, for which LUM can’t be held responsible.

2.4 Only products with an “add to cart” button can be purchased remotely in the Online Store. For certain products and personalized creations, we invite Clients to visit the Boutique or contact them at +34 656 343 845 or by email at to benefit from personal consultation.


3.1 Customization can be offered to the Client in a certain number of products sold in the Boutique and in the Online Store as long as the technical restrictions allow it. It is up to the Client to select the customization options she wants for each of the ordered products that offer this customization possibility. The customization can consist, in particular, of an engraving, then it is up to the Client to guarantee the precision of the text that he communicates to LUM.

3.2 The Client is expressly informed that the products subject to customization, and in particular an engraving, must be considered as “articles made according to the Client’s specifications or clearly customized” and, therefore, cannot benefit from the right of withdrawal when they are the subject of a purchase in the Online Store. These products cannot be returned or exchanged.


All the products offered in the Online Store and in the Boutique, as well as the logos, illustrations, drawings and images presented by LUM in particular in the Online Store and in the Boutique, as well as on the website itself, whether registered or not , are the exclusive property of LUM. Consequently, any reproduction, modification and / or use of the products, logos, illustrations, drawings, images mentioned above, even partial, in any medium and by any means, is prohibited without prior written authorization from LUM.


5.1 Prices are expressed in euros with all taxes included. However, LUM advises the Client on the fact that the prices of the products may increase due to shipping costs and any taxes (customs, export, transit, etc.), depending on the Client’s country of residence and / or country. to which the Client has sent the products.

5.2 LUM reserves the right to modify the prices of the products without notifying the Clients. However, the price that the Customer will pay is necessarily the one indicated in the order note, the budget or the invoice when the purchase is made in the store or during the order validation when the purchase is made on the website and this, although the price of the ordered product may have increased or decreased between the time of order and delivery.

5.3 The quotes made in store by LUM are valid for one month. Beyond this date, product prices and / or conditions of sale may change.


6.1 The deadline for making and manufacturing the customized products subject to an order may vary depending on the time of year and the nature of the product subject to the order. The delivery and manufacturing time varies from 2 weeks to 3 months.

6.2 LUM is likely to apply a surcharge whenever the Client wishes that their order be treated as a priority as a matter of urgency, that is, within a shorter period than that communicated to her when placing their order.


7.1 The territorial scope of sales through the Online Store is for the territory of the world geography. The Products purchased through the Store will be sent to the shipping address that the User indicates once the payment has been verified, the maximum delivery term being thirty (30) days established by default by Law.

7.2 The LUM delivery service is carried out in collaboration with different logistics operators. Orders will not be served in PO Boxes or in hotels or other non-permanent addresses.

7.3 The cost of shipments is not included in the price of the Products. At the time of purchase of the Product, the User will be informed of the exact cost of shipping.

7.4 Transport is free in Spain for all orders over € 300.


8.1 Initial payment: all amounts paid in advance by the Customer for an order of one or more LUM products are initial payments. The initial payment for purchases in the store is half of the total amount of the order. The reception of the payment of the deposit by the Client triggers the start of the manufacture of the order by LUM as soon as possible and, in any case, according to the indications given in the quote.

8.2 Balance: once the product is finished, LUM informs the Client by any means. Payment of the balance can be made by credit card, bank transfer or cash.

8.3 Delivery of the product to the Customer: the delivery of the product ordered by the Customer is carried out by collection at the store or by delivery of the product to the address indicated by the Customer in the order note. It only takes effect after the Client has paid the balance of her order. If the balance is paid by bank transfer, delivery is made only after receiving the balance in the LUM bank account.

8.4 No product will be delivered or shipped to Customer until the full price has been charged (the price of the product possibly increased by other costs such as shipping costs).

8.5 The ordered products remain the property of LUM as long as the Client has not paid the total price in accordance with the aforementioned.


9.1 No purchase in the Boutique can give rise to exchange or refund.


10.1 Guarantee of conformity: LUM undertakes to deliver compliant products and responds to any lack of conformity of the existing product at the time of delivery, as well as any lack of conformity resulting from the packaging, assembly instructions or installation when it has been ordered. to LUM by the Client or has been carried out under the responsibility of LUM.

10.1.1 The product is compliant (1) when it is suitable for the normally expected use of a similar good and, if applicable, when it corresponds to the description given by LUM and has the qualities that LUM presented to the Customer in the form of a sample or model and when  it exhibits the qualities that a buyer can legitimately expect in view of the public statements made by LUM, in particular in an advertisement or labeling, as well as (2) when it has the characteristics defined by mutual agreement between the parties or is suitable for any special use requested by the Client once LUM has been informed of this special use and LUM has accepted this special use.

10.1.2 The Customer has two years from the delivery of the product to exercise the guarantee of conformity, and it is specified that the defects of conformity that appear within two years after the delivery of the product are presumed to exist at the time delivery, unless proven otherwise. In this sense, LUM can dispute this presumption if it is not compatible with the nature of the product or the alleged lack of conformity.

10.1.3 In case of lack of conformity, the Customer can choose between repairing and replacing the product. However, LUM reserves the right not to proceed according to the Customer’s choice if this option involves a manifestly disproportionate cost compared to the other modality, taking into account the value of the product or the importance of the defect. LUM may then proceed, unless this is impossible, according to the method not chosen by the Client.

10.1.4 If repair and replacement of the product are impossible, the Customer may return the product and a refund or keep the product and get a partial refund. The same option is open to them (1 °) if the solution requested by the Client, proposed by LUM or agreed between the parties cannot be implemented within the month following the Client’s complaint or (2 °) if this solution cannot be without major inconveniences for the Client given the nature of the product and the use it seeks. However, the cancellation of the sale cannot be declared if the lack of conformity is minor.

10.2 Guarantee of hidden defects: LUM guarantees hidden defects in products that make them unsuitable for the use for which they are intended, or that reduce the use so much that the Customer would not have bought them or given a lower price, if they had known them. . The Client has two years from the discovery of the latent defect to exercise the guarantee of hidden defects.

10.2.1 In the event of a hidden defect, the Customer has the option to return the product and get the money back, or to keep the product and get some of the money back.

10.3 Contact LUM: if, despite all the care taken in the manufacture of the products, a defect is observed, the Client is invited to contact LUM by email at or by phone at +34 656 343 845.

10.4 After-sales service: LUM also offers its Customers an after-sales service that can take care of certain repairs of damaged or broken products, except for conformity defects or hidden defects. This after-sales service is offered only in the Boutique. Depending on the repair, a financial contribution may be requested from the Client for the labor involved. Whenever a financial contribution is requested from the Customer, the Customer will receive a repair estimate and no repair will be carried out until the Customer has accepted the quote.

In addition, if the Client wants a modification to be made to the delivered products, they must send their request to the designer and, if it turns out that this modification is possible, LUM will also provide a quotation to the Client. Once said budget has been accepted, the modification will be made within the period indicated in the budget, from the receipt / delivery of the product to be modified.

As long as the Client is unable to go to the Boutique to benefit from LUM’s after-sales service, shipping costs will remain the Client’s responsibility and will not be refunded.

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