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The sun is back!

Summer is coming, and so are your vacations. Soon you will be enjoying the good weather, cocktails on the beach and garden parties. You are also impatient (just like us) to swim in the sea and dive into the pool. But like every year, you wonder:


How do I take care of my jewelry?


Are you worried that your jewels will rust, break or lose their luster when you travel?


We explain how to take care of your jewelry from the ups and downs of the vacations.


Why jewelry and water are not good friends?


how to take care of your jewels on the beach



-The sea:

Sea water is rich in salt and is very corrosive, it can deteriorate your rings, earrings, necklaces or bracelets very quickly.
Beware of sand! Despite its softness underfoot do not forget that it is a set of micro stones that the waves deposit after hitting the rocks of the coasts, so this can scratch or even become embedded in your chains and clasps.


-The swimming pool:

The bleach and chlorine in pool water are primarily intended to disinfect the water by destroying bacteria, so they won’t be friends with your jewelry. Like seawater, these two products are aggressive to jewelry.








Will your jewelry resist seawater and the swimming pool?


puedo llevar mis joyas en la playa


-Gold jewelry:

Gold is a precious metal, and it is resistant to water. It cannot rust because it does not contain iron, and the oxidation process is formed by the combination of iron, water and oxygen present in the air.
But beware, gold can lose its luster and shine with too regular or prolonged contact with sea and pool water.
It will be perfect for the beach, but take care of it by applying the tips below.

Do not hesitate to leave your jewelry with us to clean it and give it a new shine. We will be happy to give them shine as the first day.


-Diamond jewels:

Whether it is a diamond, a ruby or a sapphire, you are lucky, you will be able to keep them for swimming. These three stones are very hard, so there is no risk of wearing them on the beach, as the sand will not scratch them. So you can shine everywhere, even on the beach!







How to take care of your jewels during the summer?


gold necklace


For our jewelry, summer is not the best time, they have to face the water, the sun, the sand, the sunscreen….


So here are our 3 tips to take care of them!


1 – Rinse your jewelry
Whatever the metal of your jewels, after a day at the beach or pool, remember to rinse them in clean water to remove abrasive products or salt that may have been deposited on them.


2 – Deep cleaning
You can clean your jewels once a month with a small soft brush, warm water and dish soap.
Gently scrub your jewelry before washing it with clean water and drying it with a soft cloth.
To bring your jewelry back to its original luster, take it to your jeweler for a complete restoration.


3 – Be careful with sunscreen
As a last tip, we recommend that you avoid putting sunscreen on your jewels. They could clearly lose their color and shine.



Did you find this guide useful? Do not hesitate to apply our advice, your jewelry will thank us for it!

Discover our ethical gold jewelry, it will make you shine all summer long!






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