You are looking for the budget of an engagement ring and can’t find a price? The LUM Guide gives you the keys to make your choice and you will discover that the price does not make the luxury… quite the contrary!

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The price of an engagement ring

In our opinion, there is no need to feel uncomfortable about the price you want to pay for an engagement ring, on the contrary. Budget is not a negative thing in jewelry, it is always an important concern for any couple. Therefore, it is a good idea to think about it from the beginning to determine what each of you wants and how best to meet your expectations.








How to approach the question with your partner

We recommend discussing the budget with your partner to align your desires with your possibilities. Giving an engagement ring is often associated with an important step in life, it should not be synonymous with taboo as this can cause problems in the choice.

We are convinced that transparency with respect to each person allows to build mutual desires and, more importantly, shared pleasures!

It may seem awkward to ask directly about the planned budget, especially if the proposal is a surprise… Therefore, there are different ways to approach the question.

When one of your friends is getting married, you can take the opportunity to talk about the engagement ring chosen and find out what motivated his or her choice. There are several scenarios:

  • No matter the price, the most important thing was the gesture and the symbol.
  • The value was key for them
  • They are happy to have been able to reuse family jewelry.
  • They are happy to go to an independent company that does not charge the prices of the big firms.
  • The diamond was the only thing that mattered


All of these elements are clues that will allow you to understand each person’s sensibilities and the budget involved.

Another approach is to find out what the family traditions are. For example, is it usual for a family to donate jewelry that can be reused for a wedding? If so, you’ve already taken an important step, as stones are one of the main components of the price.

Don’t be afraid to tell your partner if you sense that he or she is up to something… and may be exaggerating. After all, this is usually your fiancé’s first jewelry purchase, not the least. Several factors will influence his or her decision, so don’t hesitate to remind him or her of the criteria that are most important to you – we don’t doubt your tact!

The engagement ring is intended to be worn every day. Therefore, comfort and everyday discretion are also factors that can influence the price. The larger the diamond or gemstones that adorn it, the more difficult it will be to hide the price of an engagement ring if you wish to maintain discretion in this regard.

Considerations that influence the price

Once the budget has been defined, it is advisable to check with the jeweler the impact of the following elements

  • The desired style
  • The quality of the diamond, also called the 4Cs: Carats, Color, Clarity, Cut
  • The choice of gold

If it is a custom-made jewel, the complexity of the 3D construction of the jewel, its setting and the number of iterations needed to create the jewel will also influence the budget.

The choice of reuse and transformation

Ethical or eco-responsible jewelry is also a way to control the budget. The best example is, of course, reusing family jewelry to create your engagement ring.

Pricing at LUM

Our price positioning at LUM is one of affordable luxury. We offer high quality jewelry made entirely in Barcelona. Each piece of jewelry is made by 7 different artisans with different skills.

We do not charge the prices of the big brands because our margins are reasonable.

All our jewelry is made entirely in Barcelona with lab-grown diamonds and Fairmined certified gold, in an artisanal workshop.

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